About Cake Catering Co.


Where to begin?

We never set out to start a catering company, let alone one that deals only in vegan desserts. If you had asked us just one year ago whether we thought this is what we'd be doing, I'm sure we'd have looked at you confused and probably changed the subject. But it's not as if this is was random path we stumbled upon. Steven has been baking on-and-off for eleven years, five of which were semi-professionally, and Jonathan has been eating the mistakes & left-overs on-and-off for the last eleven years, five of which were semi-professionally!

On a technicality...

If we're being technical, we would first start eleven years ago, in our Dad's kitchen, with Steven, his love of cheesecake, and a friend's dad's girlfriend. But that's a longer story than you bargained for. So instead...

Let's start with chocolate cake!

Our dad loves chocolate cake, even more than he'd probably care to admit, and likely even more than he loves us. That's why when we first talked about starting this company we agreed to only move forward if we could make a chocolate cake worthy of his approval. And that's why it took us months to get right.

We didn't just want some chocolate cake that was good "for vegan cake." We wanted chocolate cake that would be significantly better than every other chocolate cake around. We wanted to make the best chocolate cake in town. And that became the guiding principle for all of the other desserts we created.

We became obsessed with making the best.

It's an obsession that we're proud of, even though it has caused us to eat, give away, and compost more than our fair-share of mistakes*. It's also what convinced us to finally make the leap and start Cake Catering Co.

After all, what's the point in making all this great cake if we have no one to share it with?

So let us make some cake for you! We promise, it could change your life...
- Jonathan & Steven

*We couldn't even begin to count the number of muffins, cinnamon-rolls, cookies, cakes, and scones, that never made it out of the test-kitchen.